Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tableau User Group Viz Contest!

We mentioned it during our last meeting, and here's the official link to the Tableau User Group Visualization Contest , "a head-to-head friendly contest across user groups worldwide. "

So let's win this thing!!

The official rules:
  • All dashboards must have a width of 680 pixels or less
  • Must be published to Tableau Public
  • There must be an explanation or story written with the submission

We must turn in our submission to Tableau by March 31st - so please turn in your entry to our group here by Tuesday, March 25th.

For data sets, if you have some to share, we can do so through this blog (and thanks for those who offered!).  Here are a few I had on hand for now:

Flight information runs from August 2012-2013, and was pulled from the US Dept of Transportation (found via, here:
There is a data set for arrivals, and one for departures.

Omaha Airport Arrival and Departure Statistics - 12 Months

NFL data sets were pulled from - an excellent site for things like this.  They are all standardized, e.g. they have the same set of values for fields of the same name, like Team, so join away:

NFL Final Record Stats by Team
NFL Full Game Stats

NFL Player Category Leaders
NFL All Pro Data
NFL Pro Bowl Selections

Let us know if you have any issues with downloading, or questions about the rules.  And have fun, we look forward to seeing your submissions!

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